Our first project is currently in pre-feasibility stage.

Where have we been?

Since 2014, our Working Group has been developing the business case and scope for Project One. We have teamed up with similar organisations, such as Yarra Community Solar, to develop the economic model.

We have worked closely with Moreland Energy Foundation to search for businesses and organisations within the City of Moreland that may be suitable candidates for hosting the solar panels and participating in the project. This process is ongoing.


Up until December 2015 one of the major barriers to the economic feasibility of the project was the high cost of a licence to sell power. However, we teamed together with our Alliance partners to lobby the Victorian Government to change the laws and exempt community organisations from needing a licence. The law-change was passed in the Victorian Parliament in December 2015, paving the way for our project and many others like it around the State.

Where to now?

The focus in early 2016 is to continue developing the legal contracts and other documentation that will be required between the participants of the project.

In additional, we will be formulating our community marketing campaign to promote the project and attract community investors and a rooftop host.

With good planning and an ounce of luck, we hope to have shining solar panels on a roof in the not too distant future!