Moreland City Council

Moreland City Council's Zero Carbon Evolution Strategy maps out an ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions across the Moreland community by 22 per cent by 2020.

Moreland Energy Foundation

Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that was established by Council more than a decade ago to work with local people to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through the Zero Carbon Evolution Strategy, Council is working together with MEFL to support the Moreland community to reduce energy use, generate local renewable energy and activate the community to reduce their carbon footprint. MEFL, through its Positive Charge service, also provides direct support and assistance to Moreland households, businesses and community groups to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Coalition for Community Energy

The Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE) is a coalition of community energy projects, groups, support organisations and stakeholders in the wider renewable and mainstream energy system which facilitates collaborative Strategic Initiatives that build on the strengths of its member organisations.

Yarra Community Solar

Yarra Community Solar is a similar organisation to Moreland Community Solar. We share a similar vision and aims, except its focus is on the City of Yarra.

Victorian Community Solar Alliance (VCSA)

Moreland Community Solar is a part of the VCSA which comprises the following organisations. Together we collaborate, lobby government, share ideas and promote solar energy in Victoria.

The VCSA comprises:

  1. Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions
  2. Bendigo Sustainability Group
  3. Energy Innovation Cooperative (auspicing Gippsland Community Energy)
  4. Geelong Sustainability Group
  5. Goulburn Valley Community Energy
  6. Locals Into Victoria’s Environment
  7. Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group (Woodend Integrated Sustainable Energy)
  8. Melbourne Community Power
  9. Moreland Community Solar
  10. Moreland Energy Foundation Limited
  11. Solar Citizens
  12. Surf Coast Energy Group
  13. Yarra Community Solar