The Project model


The diagram below shows how the community investment model works.

  1. Community members join and become a shareholder in Moreland Community Solar Co-operative, a non-profit entity.
  2. The Co-op enters into an agreement with a local building owner who agrees to host the rooftop solar panels and pay a set price for the electricity produced.
  3. The Co-op buys, installs and owns the solar panels on the building roof for an agreed period.
  4. The electricity generated by the solar panels is sold by the Co-op to the rooftop host who uses it for its operations on-site.
  5. The Co-op passes on revenue from the sale of electricity back to its community shareholders on a not-for-profit basis.
  6. The builder owner keeps the solar panels at the end of the agreed period (nominally 5 to 7 years).