You can download the FAQs here.

Why join?

There are at least 5 great reasons to join the Moreland Community Solar:

  1. Invest - only members are eligible to invest in our projects
  2. Participate - contribute your time/skills to create local change
  3. Learn - about energy, business and the local community
  4. Vote - have a direct say and vote at Co-op meetings
  5. Affordable - your small annual membership fee provides vital financial support to our operations

I don't live in the local government area of Moreland. Can I still be a member?
Yes, membership is open to anyone who is interested in supporting us!

What is the legal structure of Moreland Community Solar?
We are a Co-operative - an incorporated association - meaning that much like other similar structured entities we are bound by certain laws in the way we operate. We operate on a non-profit basis. We are run by volunteers and are committed to community benefit.

I am interested in investing in your solar energy projects, but not actively participating in the Co-operative. Should I become a member?
Yes, you can be a shareholder in our projects without being actively involved in the activities of the Co-operative.   

I'm interested in making a donation to Moreland Community Solar above and beyond my $20. How do I do that?
Donations to support the operation of the Co-operative would be most gratefully received. You can either forward you donation to the Secretary or make a donation online