For Businesses

Want to reduce your energy costs? Want solar energy powering your operations but can't afford the upfront costs right now? Does the following sound like you...?

  • high daytime electricity user
  • suitable area for the solar panels
  • owner or long-term lessee of your premises (5 years minimum) 

If so, we can help.

How it works

We buy, install and maintain the solar panels on your premises. You also maintain your connection to the grid.

You enter into an agreement with us, which will set-out the solar electricity price, the period of the agreement, and other details. We expect the agreed period will be about 5 to 7 years, depending on the size of the system and usage.

As the electricity from the solar panels is being generated, you use that power on site. Any excess power is fed back into the grid and you receive the solar feed-in tariff offered by your electricity company.

At the end of the agreed period, the ownership of the solar panels is transferred to the premises.


For business owners:

  • reduce your energy costs
  • safeguard against rising electricity prices
  • increase your green credentials
  • leverage the project for marketing purposes
  • engage with the investors and attract new potential customers
  • receive free solar energy after the agreed period

For building owners:

  • increase your marketing and rent potential
  • receive free solar panels after the agreed period (about 5 to 7 years)
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You will receive a regular bill from the Moreland Community Solar Co-operative for the electricity that you use from the solar panels. We will offer you a competitive electricity price. Your payments will be used to provide a financial return to the community investors in the project.

Your current electricity company will continue to send you bills for the grid electricity you consume, less any solar feed-in tariff that you receive from them. These bills will be significantly less than what they used to be!

Potential Roof alterations

You will not pay for the upfront cost of the solar panels. However, if there are any alterations needed to the roof to fit the solar panels (eg strengthening) then the building owner/occupier will usually be required to finance this.