Moreland Community Solar Co-operative was established in 2014 with the aim of supporting Moreland City Council's plan to reduce carbon emissions within the municipality. Since then we have been busy undertaking all the necessary start-up activities required to establish the first community-owned solar project in Moreland.

Our Vision

Moreland Community Solar Co-operative owns solar arrays, offers the local community a unique and ethical way to invest in clean energy, provides financial returns to members and is an avenue for collective action on climate change.


Officially named Moreland Community Solar Co-operative Limited, the Co-op is administered under the Co-operatives National Law, applied in Victoria by the Co-operatives National Law Application Act 2013.  The Co-op's operations are overseen by a Board of Directors comprising:

  • Peter Shelley (Secretary)
  • Linda Parlane
  • Marcy Faith
  • SallyRose Carbines
  • Michael Hotton

The Board meets four times per year, including at the Annual General Meeting.

Working Group

The Working Group is responsible for developing and implementing the solar projects. The group comprises members who each have responsibility for a part of a project and who report to the Board. The Working Group holds progress meetings fortnightly and planning meetings monthly.

Together we share a passion and vision for a community powered by the Sun.